Volunteer Applications

Volunteers needed for the 2019 QLD Open State Lead Titles!!

19th October , Urban Xtreme, Hendra

Training 15th October, 6.30pm. Location TBA.

If you’d like to volunteer for any of the roles below please fill out the form below.

Volunteer Roles

This role involves calling competitors for a category to their climb and recording their results on the scoresheets. Although no experience judging is necessary, some understanding of lead climbing is an advantage. Training will be provided and if you’d like, national recognition and certificates can be granted.

This role involves checking the equipment of competitors and belaying them during their competition climbs. Belayers need to be experienced in either Tope rope or Lead belaying depending on which category/session they are volunteering for. Training will be provided as to competition style belaying and safety standards. You may use any manual breaking device that you are confident with, all auto locking devices (e.g. Gri Gri or Sum) are not allowed for competition belaying.

Isolation Officials (Finals only)
The role of isolation officials is to monitor the isolation area during the finals rounds, ensuring competitors follow isolation rules, ushering competitors to the correct climb & escorting competitors to the toilet.

Filmers (Finals only)

This role requires a person to stand with the judge and film each individual climb so we can use it as a playback in the case of an appeal. Equipment needed is a device that can record decent quality film and be played back instantly. Any smart phone is fine for filming.